About Analisa

My name is Analisa Byrd, mom, wife, and music teacher. I started this handmade business over fifteen years ago as a hobby. In those fifteen plus years I've gotten married, divorced, married again, had a kid, and completed college with a BA in Psychology and Music Education and an MEd in Educational Leadership. 

I have always been a go getter and an incredibly hard worker and find it very hard to relax. Creating handmade jewelry pieces became a therapeutic outlet for me. I have learned all my skills from taking classes, research, trial and error and good ol' YouTube! I want every bead in every piece I design to be as unique as the person wearing it, so I source my jewelry supplies from all types of bead collections to keep the cost low.I take great pride and care in making each necklace, earring, and bracelet to the highest quality.  As a teacher and former single mom, I believe anyone can be beautiful on a budget.