When Did We Start Giving Jewelry As A Gift?


pink jewelry box with pink rose petals surrounding  So, Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and I’m sitting   here thinking about what to give my mother. She’s 70ish   years old and has everything she could ever want or need.   She’s so difficult to shop for! I would love to grab a   beaded necklace from my shop and give it to her and     have her love it and be done…. But no. That’s not at all   how this   works in my family. My best friend's mom,   however, can't get enough of my jewelry so my bestie has   it made. No doubt, you struggle with the same things in     your gift giving endeavors, so it made me wonder, when    did we start giving jewelry as a gift?


The first pieces of jewelry date back to necklaces made of fish bones found in a cave in Monaco some thousands of years ago. I don't know about your mom, but my mom doesn't want a necklace made of semi-precious stones, so I’m pretty sure she won’t want a necklace made of fish bones. My best friends’ mom?Maybe. Just kidding. She probably doesn’t want fish bone either.

If you move through the timeline of giving and wearing jewelry, this was something that only the royals did. Us commoners, well, but we had to settle for fakes. Thank goodness costume jewelry has come a long way in its ability to compete with precious stone jewelry.        

Giving jewelry as a gift is something that people have done for centuries for a variety of reasons. Jewelry is sentimental and can easily become an heirloom. Grandma's ring that she bought at Sears all those years ago and wore every day, suddenly is more valuable to her grandchildren than any diamond in the world. Jewelry not only grows in appreciation in its monetary value but also somehow grows in appreciation based on its wearer. That is something that very few gifts can do.



Have a little girl that you just don’t  know what to buy for because you don’t even know today’s current little kid trends? Give her a necklace or bracelet because the beautiful thing about jewelry is that it is suitable for all ages and occasions. Bonus points, necklaces and bracelets most of the time, almost always, fit. You can give jewelry for birthdays, holidays, religious celebrations, anniversaries, and well, just because! 

younger woman wearing long beaded necklace with pendants, flowers in her hand held above her head



Jewelry can be wearable art for your aunt who loves to collect one-of-a-kind things. Jewelry can be personalized with the birthstones of a mother’s children. We all have that one friend that just has to have things a certain way, maybe we are that friend, either way, handcrafted jewelry can be customized to exact specifications if the person you are shopping for has very specific tastes.  Jewelry can be collected, provide good luck, share memories such as a locket, and most of all jewelry can bring a happiness in a way another gift cannot.

mom with yellow head wrap with vibrant colored fabric dress and daughter with bracelets and heandband So, when did we start giving jewelry as a gift? I believe this has   been a custom that has been around since before you or I could   ever imagine. One that will continue long into the future. One that   I’m sure you and I will continue this Mother’s Day, when we   choose the perfect piece of jewelry for our moms. Well, in my   case, my best friend’s mom….


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, soon-to-be-Moms, Moms with angel babies, women who long to be Moms, men who have become super Mom, Moms who have lost touch with their children, Fur Moms, and any I may be missing. I acknowledge that this day is not always a pleasant day for everyone, and I wish you all peace.

purple flowers macaroons with happy mothers day card small gift box pink ribbon

Create something today, even if it’s a cosita.


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