3 Reasons You Need a Small Business Mentor and How to Find One

You need honesty, reliability, and accountability in a successful mentoring relationship. 

1. Honesty and Inspiration

  • You need someone who is going to give you no-nonsense, honest feedback about your small business. You need someone who will be ruthless and not hold back because they are afraid to hurt your feelings. Sugar coating things will not lead to improvement, do not pick your best friend to provide honest feedback. You need someone who will be trustworthy, truthful, and will help you solve problems but not solve them for you.

  • Honest feedback can often lead to someone challenging you and the way you do things. The challenge will help you grow and become a stronger business owner. Find someone who will present you with a challenge and encourage you to work toward an end goal. 

  • Watching someone be successful and learning their model for success can help a new small business owner immensely. Your mentor can be there to celebrate your wins but also to pick you up and move you forward after a loss.

2. Guide you through the small business minutia

  • Owning a small business and navigating all the small details is mentally draining and it is easy to give up. The relationship you have with your mentor can really help keep both of you on track and guard against burnout.

  • Your mentor doesn’t have to be with you every step of the way but should be someone you know will be there at any given time to help you. You need someone who is knowledgeable and reliable.

  • Getting leads, finding your target audience, getting customers, all of this is very difficult to do alone. Your mentor can help open doors for you as they no doubt have their own customers, leads and are willing to share with you.

3. Keep you on track for your business growth, accountability partner

  • There is tons of proof that entrepreneurs with business mentors show larger growth than those without. Having a support system and accountability partner is a priceless tool for your small business growth and success. 

  • Your mentor should celebrate your growth milestones with you and help you continue to set and achieve your small business goals. Not sure what goal to set next? That's where your mentor steps in, to help you set those goals that will move your business forward. 

  • A mentor will help you organize your ideas and tell you when you’re about to do something really stupid or something really spectacular. This can not only save you valuable time, but most off all, save you money! 


Where do I find a small business mentor?

There are dozens of places to find a small business mentor. I have chosen 3 that I think are easy to navigate and are readily available to even the newest entrepreneur.

1. Small Business Administration website: There are tons and tons of tips, tricks, and resources available from the Small Business Administration.  https://www.sba.gov/content/find-mentor

2. Social Media- look for influencers that work in your niche and reach out to them. Ask them several questions that pertain to your niche, goals, and aspirations as a small business. If you find a feel small business owners willing to work with you, you can meet with them and narrow it down from there. You want the partnership to really work and be solid. You also want to make sure the relationship is mutual and you offer as much as you can (other than sufficient payment for their time) to foster the relationship. 

3. Trade shows – When you're at different trade shows/craft shows, network, hand out your business cards not to just potential customers but potential mentors/mentees. I met my small business mentor at a craft show. She works in my niche, had been in the business for years and was willing to take me under her wing and help me grow. I owe a lot to my mentor and I'm forever grateful I met her at a craft show of all places! 
You need a mentor to see you small business grow and flourish. Do not be afraid to interview someone, ask questions, learn all that you can about them and then work toward a meaningful business relationship. 
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